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Which stock market index is most commonly quoted?

A. S&P 500 Index
B. Value Line Average
C. Dow Jones Composite Average
D. Dow Jones Industrial Average
E. Wilshire Equity Index
Correct Answer: D

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blueberries Can someone explain that?
magicchip whats to explain? It's the index most widely quoted.
cong Watch the news!
DonAnd lol!
JakeZ lol!!!
Jurrens I fell like the S&P is used more often than the DJIA, especially with benchmarking and describing the market.
thekobe Im not in the US and I know that DJIA is the most widely quoted
dipu617 Yeah.... I'm not in the US either but I have been hearing the name of DJIA since I was a kid, though I had no idea what it was. :-)
endurance I just guess that DJIA is deeply inherited and for the public, while the S&P500 is widely used in the investment community
johntan1979 Unfortunate, isn't it, when it only represents 30 companies vs 500 companies?
gill15 Blueberries is gonna have a tough time passing this exam.
ldfrench At least in recent years, it seems as though the S&P is used and quoted way more often than DJIA.
leon121 agree with @ldfrench. S&P 500 is the craze these days. with its double digit returns. at least here in the U.S.
stevo I follow S&P far more than dow, interesting...
ascruggs92 Interesting, I pay attention to the S&P 500 more, as does everyone else I know that works in finance. However, now that I think about it, those idiots on CNBC always talk about the Dow, as if a 30 stock, price-weighted index is actually a good determinant of the broader market.
walterli Trump 2020
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