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Edith G. obtained a score of 65 in a statistics test, placing her at the 78th percentile. If five points were added to each score in the distribution, her new score would be at the ______.

A. 83rd percentile
B. 78th percentile
C. It is impossible to answer without additional information.
Correct Answer: B

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mtcfa Basically if everybody is awarded 5 additional points, then nobody's position relative to his/her classmates has changed.
airborne that was a good one
krisscfa Thougtful Q
ashok1959 good one.
Phlipsen very good one
2014 Good one
arus9000 good one
CFAmonkey2 good one
Masdouk Great
Mheaton37 nice
ko960531 lol what a trick question. good one
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