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What will the broker do if you do not act when you get a margin call?

A. Call the SEC
B. Sell your stock
C. Provide additional funds
D. Change the margin requirement
Correct Answer: B

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eb2568 I wish it were answer C!!
Fotsta or D?
Mutsa lol
JakeZ call your parents
Bududeen bunch of wishful thinkers
dipu617 :-)
HolzGe1 love A.
ldfrench He will call the Fed and you'll have Janet yellen at you! *ba dum tsss* (I'm here all week, folks)
ascruggs92 D. - "Hey, it's your broker. Your margin balance is below the minimum now that the market crashed, so we just wanted to let you know that we lowered your minimum! Don't lose anymore money or we'll have to lower it again. K thanks!"

I don't think that's what happens
MathLoser That guy above said "Janet Yellen" .
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