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Which statement is false for joint ventures accounting?

I. The U.S. GAAP does not permit the proportionate consolidation method.
II. IFRS recommends the proportionate consolidation method.
Correct Answer: II

Both require the equity method.

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cfaajay U.S.GAAP does allow Proportionate consolidation for unincorporated entities ..such as in construction industry..but U.S.GAAP prefers equity method.
thebkr777 Does this not contradict the chart they gave us? "US: Equity method. IFRS Equity or Proportionate consolidation"
SRI2010 thebkr777, in my opinion, the second one is false because the IFRS doesnt explicity recommend the proportionate consolidation method. it is "either-or"
davidt876 "Both IFRS and U.S. GAAP require the equity method of accounting for joint ventures" - is what the notes just said
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