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After completing his Level I exam in New York, Sam immediately called his friend in Tokyo and told him some questions on the exam. Four hours later, his friend went to take the Level I exam in Tokyo. Did Sam violate the standard?

A. No. He did not cheat on the exam, plus the exam questions could be different.
B. No. Candidates should be allowed to discuss these questions after writing their exams.
C. Yes. He violated the standard by attempting to give his friend an unfair advantage.
Correct Answer: C

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bananabun2 Thats a good idea!!!
boydag it should be the other way around. since tokyo is hours ahead.
bmeisner Yeah but the tests in Asia are on Sunday morning not Saturday morning. Sunday morning in Asia is Saturday evening in New York. I'm taking the exam in Singapore so if anyone wants to share exam questions... ;)
TammTamm This was one of the easiest questions I've read. There should be more like this on the test :)
AUAU I guess 45% Qs in the actual exam like this but it is little rather bit confusing.
JakeZ I NEED a friend like SAM
thekobe please guys, if you are enrolled in the exam, just be honest and dont cheat!!! that is why cfa makes sense for a lot of financial companies!! hi ethic standards, not just quants!!
cfatime21 thekobe, good thing sarcasm and cynicism aren't weighted
NikolaZ lol @cfatime2 - just ripped thekobe
johntan1979 Some of you guys should just apply for the other designation... Cheating Financial Analyst.

You don't have what it takes to be a respectable Chartered Financial Analyst.
Sam123456 You tell me john tan! Nobody wants to mess with you that's for sure!
Sam123456 Tell em
abellochs I can't with thess comments. Best part. ROFL
ajaggia @bmeisner: Look at your admission ticket again, the exam is on Saturday.
lux240392 I agree with all the above comments
pigletin a lot of cfa training centers do this kind of stuff to help people to pass the exam?so this exam is not fair at all
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