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______ is the amount of cash or cash equivalents that would have to be paid to buy the same or an equivalent asset today.

A. Current cost
B. Settlement value
C. Present value
D. Fair value
Correct Answer: A

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Vikku Would someone explain please?
chris12345 no!! too easy to explain!!!
DonAnd lol!
Gleeder You two are probably accountants!
betojpp Read again the definition
jayj001 Difference between A and B?
johntan1979 Read the notes and don't waste other people's time explaining.
FozzeyBear wow johntan1979, real rude, maybe you shouldn't waste people's time writing your angry comments. It's people like you that give finance a bad name
jaweber95 ^^^
choas69 iam too scared to ask..
ashish100 yea johntan needs to chill out
sshetty2 lol, i mean in this case it does literally say this quite clearly in the notes, but yea, johntan must be a jaded economics professor or something lol
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