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In comparing the relation of company sales with GDP, your regression software provides the following output:

Is it possible that the regression coefficient is insignificant at the 95% level of confidence?
A. No since the t-statistic of 4.86 greatly exceeds the critical values of the insignificance acceptance range.
B. No, since the t-statistic is within the critical values of the insignificance acceptance range.
C. Yes, since the t-statistic is not large enough to be classified as insignificant.
Explanation: t-start = 0.85/0.175 = 4.86.

t-critical at df = 89 and α = 0.025 is 2.0.

Note that with a large sample size (over 30), we can begin to rely on the more familiar z-statistics.

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zwer Are we supposed to derive critical values ourselves during the exam?
volkovv Unlikely (but we may). I think it is worthwhile to remember main critical values for 90%, 95%, 99% and the trends in values, such as critical values decrease when degrees of freedom increase
mcspaddj The critical value for T in this case is the (coefficient - zero)/ standard error.

My problem with this question is that there is always a theoretical possiblity of the variable being insignificant. Even if we had a t value approaching infinity, there will still be a possibility (albeit extremely small) chance of an error in rejecting/failing to reject the null hypothesis.
dblueroom mcspaddj, we don't have to worry about that, leave that to statisticians.
ramdabom I believe we could have used F-statistic as well
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