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You supervise five portfolio managers. One manager appears to be engaging in excessive trading in the portfolios he manages. While this manager is a CFA charterholder, your firm has no specific guidelines covering this activity.

A. You have met your supervisory obligations since the firm has no clear policy.
B. Since the manager is a Charterholder, the Code and Standards substitute for your supervisory responsibilities.
C. You must take action to regulate this practice and work to establish a policy regarding such practices in the future.
Correct Answer: C

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kaplan There is no evidence of this, so you should establish a policy regarding such practice in the future
examcfa Why is B not sufficient? Given that the manager is not doing anything illegal. Besides, excessive trading is relative.
0is4eva Since you supervise the portfolio managers, and since you are to follow the Code and Standards, you must:
- understand what constitutes an adequate compliance system for this firm
- make reasonable efforts to see that appropriate compliance precedures are established
- make reasonable efforts that these procedures are monitored
You should bring the inadequate compliance system to the attention of senior management.
Members and candidates must apply their knowledge of the code and standards in discharging supervison, regardless of those supervised being CFA charterholders or not.
IIkDII What's wrong with excessive trading and what determines excess ?
nayagan In my opinion, the supervisor should not have accepted the position in the first place since it states "your firm has no specific guidelines covering this activity"
josie491 Excessive trading may mean that portfolio managers are churning revenue from the client's trade. As each trade has a fee charged, excessive trading may mean more revenue for portfolio managers. This is what i think
JakeZ I like the part "you supervise five portfolio managers" :)
sshetty2 key word is excessive; if they are clearly trading excessively then action must be taken.
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