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Lisa is a portfolio manager for a company that manages investment accounts for wealthy individuals. Lisa has no beneficial interest in any of the fee-paying accounts she manages, including her uncle's account. When shares in initial public offerings (IPOs) become available, Lisa first allocates shares to all her other clients for whom the investment is appropriate; only if shares are still available does she purchase shares for her uncle's account, if the issue is appropriate for him. Lisa provides each of her clients with full disclosure of her allocation procedures and has received each client's verbal consent to her allocation procedures. According to the Standards of Practice Handbook, does Lisa's method of allocating oversubscribed IPOs violate any of CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct?

A. No
B. Yes, because she has breached her duty to her uncle.
C. Yes, because she has not pre-cleared and reported her uncle's transactions.
Correct Answer: B

Lisa's method of allocating oversubscribed IPOs discriminates against her uncle, who is a fee-paying client; she violates the standard related to Fair Dealing. Family accounts that are fee-paying client accounts should be treated like any other firm account. They should neither receive special treatment nor be disadvantaged because of an existing family relationship.

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davidkhang Tricky... tricky...
Inaganti6 In India we would allocate everything to the uncle first
khalifa92 in India blood is thicker than wate
davidt87 to be fair if she got consent from each of her client's does that not include her uncle?
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