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Let us define a new statistic as the distance between the 70th sample percentile and the 30th sample percentile. This new statistic would give us information concerning ______.

A. central tendency
B. variability
C. relative position
D. skewness
E. symmetry
Correct Answer: B

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surob Can someone expain what it means? Why B?
arkot90 it s a measure of absolute dispertion like range so it measures the variability
gmilchev Can someone give more detail?
Saxonomy * Central Tendency would need the mean, or arguably the 50th %ile info.
* Relative Position would need to compare a %ile against a reference e.g mean or 50th %ile.
* Skewness needs mean against median or vice versa.
* Symmetry needs more than 30%/70%, would need 49/51, 45/55, 40/60 and maybe one or two more.
Variability is the only answer that you can confidently get from a 30/70 %ile data reference.
Hope this makes sense.
jejasin If this were fill in the blank I would've guessed kurtosis... =\
sungryongl why can't A slo be an answer? mean would be 50th percentile in between 70th and 30th
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