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The spot price of a stock that does not pay dividends is $35, and the 1-year risk-free interest rate is 5.0%. An investor enters into a long forward contract for delivery in one year's time. The forward price is $38. This forward contract is a(n) ______.
A. off-market forward contract
B. standard forward contract
C. premium forward contract
Explanation: After one year, the accumulated value of the initial stock price is 35x1.05 = $36.75. This is the forward price of a market-priced forward contract, so the premium of this market forward is 38 - 36.75 = $1.25. An off-market forward contract starts with a non-zero value.

A regular forward contract does not involve an exchange at the beginning of the contract. At the beginning the contract has zero value.

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Sandar the buyer needs to pay $1.25 to enter into this forward contract.
danbacarin Ok so clear on why A is valid. But why is C not correct too? Is this then a discount forward contract?
xenocygne The underlying is a stock here
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