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Tim just passed his Level II exam and registered to take the Level III exam next June. On his business card he states that he has "completed Chartered Financial Analyst II." Is this appropriate?
Correct Answer: No

There is no designation for someone who has passed Level I, II or III of the CFA exams. Tim can state that he passed Level II and is a Level III candidate in the CFA program.

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kalps He cannot put this on his business card cos it implies that he has some sort of designation from CFA which is not true. He can put the that he has passed CFA level 2 and is a level 3 candidate on the CFA program
poojacfa There is no such thing as a partial designation
Bissan to kalps
he cannot say he passed CFA level. instead he should say, he passed level 2 CFA exam. you cannot put it as a noun.
HenryQ Bissan, can't imagine if real exam puts this kinda tricky question as you suggested here...
johntan1979 Bissan is right...

Level II CFA

Not CFA Level II

Big difference
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