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The three balance of payments accounts include all of the following except a ______.

A. financial account
B. current account
C. foreign exchange rate
D. capital account
Correct Answer: C

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eb2568 what a question! if only the entire test would be this easy.
Rotigga If getting a CFA were easy, then it would have no value-- like the comment you posted
solnce Getting a CFA is not particularly difficult. Just a normal university course. No more.
BMurphy solnce, you can't use CFA as a noun like that -- but I'm sure it will be very easy for you.
papajeff Oddds are, at least two of you are going to fail (closer to three). On that note, back to studying champs.
Vlz2103 lots of salt in this section here...
choas69 the talks u see between lvl1 candidates LMAO!
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