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Assume both chicken and beef are normal goods. If the price of chicken rises and the price of beef doesn't rise, consumers will respond by ______.

A. substituting beef for chicken
B. substituting chicken for beef
C. reducing purchases of beef and chicken
Correct Answer: B

If the price of chicken has risen but the price of beef has not, the quantity of chicken demanded will fall as consumers substitute chicken for beef.

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jferringer they would buy less chicken because price is rising, and buy more beef instead...
dmfz They like to eat at chick-fil-a
schweitzdm "Substituting chicken for beef" implies that the chicken is replacing beef. Quantity demanded for beef would rise while falling for chicken

Substitute X for Z = Replace Z with X
mike Substitute..for..: first replaces second.
Substitute..with..: second replaces first.
Replace..with..: second replaces first. second replaces first.
nachaparia In the textbook a lot of examples are "x for y" and they all have implied replacing "Y with X". In this case shouldnt the answer then be "A" ? substitute chicken with beef?
plablonde1 the options read funny, but this is how i now read them
a - beef will be substituted with chicken/chicken will replace beef
b - chicken will be substituted with beef/beef will replace chicken

therefore, the correct answer is B since the rising price of chicken will increase quantity demanded for beef.
cindydangj yeah the english for this answer is wrong lol.
sshetty2 Yea it should say substitute out* chicken for beef
ewantanner I'm with dmfz on this one. Chick-fil-a must be doing something to increase demand even though the price is rising.
romano0857 shouldn't the question add in: "assuming chicken and beef are subsitute goods"
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