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Which type of bonds has the highest ranking with respect to priority of claims?

A. senior subordinated debt
B. third lien debt
C. senior unsecured dent
Correct Answer: B

Third lien debt has the highest ranking due to its secured position.

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czar please could someone explain this?
SKIA A lien is what a person can put against you for not paying a debt. For example, if you don't pay a car repair bill and then try and sell your car (even after it is paid off), you won't be able to do so because the car mechanic has put a "mechanic's" lien against it. Therefore, they have first claim.
ascruggs92 ^Correct. In other words, lien debt is collateralized, making it secured debt. Secured debt is senior to unsecured debt, and A has the word subordinate in it so it's obviously not the highest ranking.
khalifa92 nicely said.
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