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When a company sells an entire issue of securities to a small group of institutional investors (such as life insurance companies, pension funds etc.), it is called a (an) ______.

A. rights offering
B. unseasoned issue
C. private placement
Correct Answer: C

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saltnvinegar what is an Unseasoned Issue????
Bududeen an unseasoned issue is the opposite of seasoned issue i.e IPO
Bududeen an issue for which there is no existing market. or as issue that has never been traded before in the open market.
johntan1979 Unseasoned = without salt and vinegar
Omosewa lol
Shaan23 Johntan thats not correct.

Unseasoned means you must be without salt, pepper or any other spice. Although your answer is correct mine encompasses yours but not vice versa.
Inaganti6 Ok Shaan ok
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