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Which of the following is not part of the nine main sections of GIPS?

A. Composite
B. Vision statement
C. Firm definition
Correct Answer: B

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Slothrop Firm definition is part of 0. Fundamentals of Compliance.
Khadria Firm definition is also not the part of the 9 main sections (as listed in the study notes)

MUTE Firm Definition is under Fundamentals of Compliance
AUAU Tricky for 'firm definition' in section 1.
DonAnd yea, the firm must be defined as part of being compliant
johntan1979 Don't really like this question. Take note of the word "MAIN" in the question. Firm definition is PART of Section 0. Fundamentals of Compliance, not one of the main sections of GIPS.

But it is "more correct" than B. B is obviously wrong.
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