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A cumulative frequency distribution of days absent during a calendar year by employees of a manufacturing company is shown below.

How many employees were absent more than five days?
A. 22
B. 31
C. 14
Explanation: The cumulative number for class 6-8 will give us the number of people absent more than five days: 14.

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Shadefx what? how is being absent 12 days NOT more than being absent 5 days?
CocaColas While the number of days increases going down, the number of employees is cummulated going up..So those two are included in the count of 14..
dimos I assume that 99% of us pick 22. I still do not understand why 14 is correct
wollogo The total number of employees is 60, each of the intervals shows the cumulative amount, e.g. there are 31 employees with more than 2 sick days. Usually the table is the other way round.
misterlim I also got it wrong, however, if you flip the table the other way round you will realise the 14 already includes the 6 and 2 (i.e. cumulative).

Note, the total number of employees is 60, not 113.
cp24 i got it wrong too... but I suppose the operative word is "cumulative". given the total no of employees of 60, the 14 includes all > 5 days. showing a frequency distribution would have been clearer, as the term "days absent" is misleading.
StanleyMo tricky question, they count it from the bottom.
copus the key word over here is cumulative!
endurance the explanation is not totally correct. Question asks for more than five days.

So count the absolute number of employees from the bottom by taking the differences (it's cumulative):
2+(6-2)+(14-6)=14 employees
phillyj CUM-ULA-TIVE
davcer cumulative, you have to check the order of the table
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