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An example of a call market is the ______

I. opening of the New York Stock Exchange, when numerous orders are received overnight.
II. setting of the market price by a NYSE specialist after the release of information that greatly alters the value of a security.
III. process used to clear outstanding trades on the NYSE after a prolonged halt in the trading of a stock.
Correct Answer: I, II and III

All of the above are examples of call markets. A call market is an auction where buyers and sellers submit bids and offers, and the price is determined at one point in time through the interaction of supply and demand.

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sarath Call market when the trading is done at a specific time ....after some halt for some reaason like temporary blocking trading in the stock....
johntan1979 II: the setting of the market price by a NYSE specialist

Can people actually do THAT???
jonan203 he can if he is a dealer and has inventory of the stock.
fabsan Continuous market: Orders sent to the Exchange are simultaneously reflected on the market. For example, Stock A has a Bid of $10 and an Ask of $10.12. If I place an order to sell at $10.10, at the Exchange the Ask price will go down to $10.10 because I have the lower Ask. This is continuous, the exchange does not hold my order.
fabsan What I said above is also an Auction market by definition, because no matter the quantity I have wanted to sell at $10.10, the new ask quoted will be $10.10.
Call market: Like the name says, a Call market is called by the Exchange or a Dealer (On the OTC) at a specific time. For example in Canada, when the Bank of Canada sells Debt security, he does it on the Open market by calling the participants of the open market at a specific time.
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