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Assume the correct current ratio is larger than 1. If purchase (on account) is overstated by $3,000 and ending inventory is overstated by $3,000, the current ratio is ______ and working capital is ______.
A. understated; not affected
B. not affected; overstated
C. overstated; not affected
Explanation: EI = BI + purchase - COGS

If both purchase on account and ending inventory are overstated by the same amount, the current ratio will be understated (current ratio = current assets / current liabilities, in which both the numerator and the denominator are overstated - but the ratio will be lowered since it is larger than 1). However, working capital (which equals current assets - current liability) should be unaffected.

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geet A/P
nchilds purchases on accounts = a/p (CL)
lazio tough question...
sheenalim i don't get the explanation. if purchase on account increase by 3k then A/P increase by 3k. If ending inventory increase by 3k then asset increase by 3k. since current ratio is current assets/current liabilities both numerator and denominator will increase by same amt so the ratio doesn't change. what am i missing here?
sheenalim oh i get it. both denominator and numerator will increase by 3000, but the ratio will nevertheless be pulled down. dunno why though.
doriva CA=200; CL=100; change in both by 3
najat sheenalim, this is because the ratio CA/CL is >1
MohitSeth1976 Assume CA-5000 in which INVENTORY is 3000
assume CL -4000 in which A/c Payable is 3000
Current ratio would be 1.25.
(here both Inv. and A/c payable is overtstated by 3000): Working capital is CA-CL = 5000-4000=1000.
Let's correct it which means inventory is 0 and A/c P is 0 too then current ratio would be =2000/1000=2 and working capital =2000-1000=1000. This shows that current ratio was understated(1.25) and working capital was unaffected.
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