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Which of the following statements is (are) true with respect to an F-statistic when analyzing a regression model?

I. The calculated F-statistic will decrease as the mean sum of squares of the error terms increases relative to the mean sum of the squares of the regression.
II. The t-statistic will not be effective in testing the validity of a linear multiple regression as a whole.
III. In all cases, the calculated F-statistic is simply the square of the calculated t-statistic.
IV. F-statistic is calculated to determine if the coefficients of a linear multiple regression equation are, in aggregate, significant.
Correct Answer: I, II and IV

III is incorrect because the calculated F-statistic is the square of the calculated t-statistic only when dealing with a simple linear regression.

I is correct because the calculated F-statistic is equal to MSSR/MSSE. As MSSE increases, Fcalc will decrease.

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vi2009 II is true ... F-statistics give more weight to test validity of linear multiple regression by testing for weightage of error due explained error by the regresssion model = > someone please confirm. Thanks
ericczhang The t-statistic only tells you about one coefficient, whereas the F-statistic tells you about the entire linear multiple regression. That's why II is true.

Although there are certain special cases where the t-stat is equivalent to a F-stat.
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