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A card is randomly select from a standard 52-card deck. The odds in favor of a king are ______.

A. 4 : 48
B. 48 : 4
C. 4 : 52
Correct Answer: A

The odds in favor of an event is the ratio of success to failure. For a king, there are 4 chances of success and 48 chances of failure. So, odds in favor of a king are 4:48.

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gulfa99 i dont play cards.............
dipu617 well... start playing if you want to pass cfa level-1 ... ;-)
robertucla Com'on you don't play cards?!
2014 Gambling is growing industry ... more people are added ...
Shaan23 Yeah man step up. I just lost 315 bucks playing cards. If you never play how will you ever lose your money?
josephk417 1:12 as well ? right?
ashish100 josephk417 over here talkin about stats......
dbedford P(K) = K:Not K; therefore, K=4 and Not K = 48 thus 4:48
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