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SEC registration is not required for ______ ADRs.

A. Level I
B. Level II
C. Rule 144A
Correct Answer: A

Level I ADRs do not require FULL registration with the SEC.

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kirand I think correct answer should be Rule 144A , as it does not require sec registration at all .
Amogh92 kirand is correct, Rule 144A doesn't need SEC registration and if this question is going to be as vague as it is, C is the most appropriate answer. A could be right but C is definitely right.
khalifa92 level 1 ADR = F-6
level 2 ADR = F-6
level 3 ADR = F-1 & F-6
Rle 144A = no SEC requirements -> because private

iam dissappointed at this site.
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