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Symptoms of data mining include ______.

I. excessive numbers of variables
II. use of certain words in the study such as "we noted" or "we noticed"
III. research with slight variations from prior studies
Correct Answer: I, II and III

These are all indications that the researchers may have succumbed to data mining.

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duongth307 Can anyone explain why I is correct? Thanks.
jgraham6 using a bunch of different variables helps "create" more opportunities of "being right." the more variables that are recognized the more relationships can be fabricated or overemphasized as have a significant impact when in actuality they do not
dcfa I think II is normal to have as a result of research/study?
schweitzdm Yes II is correct according to CFAI reading on this topic.

Page 561 of Quant book, first bullet point.
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