CFA Practice Question

CFA Practice Question

When market interest rates increase, will a company that issued fixed-rate debt to the increase in rates most likely experience a(n):

economic loss? | change in the amount of debt recorded on the balance sheet?
A. No | No
B. No | Yes
C. Yes | No
Explanation: An increase in interest rates would reduce the market value of the debt and produce an economic gain for the issuing company; a change in market interest rates would not affect the amount of debt recorded on the issuing company balance sheet.

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rgat not following why an econ gain would result if market value of the debt decreased. Seems the gain would result when the MV of debt increases. Any help??
pjdeschenes The company issued the debt, so the debt is a liability to the company. If the debt's MV decreases, it reduces the company's liability, thus a gain.
StanleyMo if the questions ask market value / book value of bond, we should say yes, am i right?

while the amount will not change, as we still going pay it at the end.
thebkr7 I want half marks! xD jokes, if only...
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