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A bond with annual coupon payments has the following characteristics:

Coupon rate: 8%
Yield to maturity: 10%
Macaulay duration: 9

The bond's modified duration is ______.

A. 8.18
B. 8.33
C. 9.78
Correct Answer: A

9/(1+0.1) = 8.18

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haarlemmer annual coupon!
wink44 Thought we didn't need to memorize that equation for the test?
anneki We can memorize one more equation.
DonAnd my sentiments exactly wink44 but it is actually an easy formula.
rvera I always think that we should assume a semi-annual coupon...but perhaps that is just me.
johntan1979 Question stated "annual".

It's a very easy formula, guys! I'm sure there's some space left in our coconuts after all those CFA curriculum and formulas :)
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