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Select the correct statement(s).

I. Firms cannot adopt the revised GIPS standards for performance presentations of 2005.
II. Firms can use third-party performance measurement only if the third-party is GIPS-compliance.
III. Third parties can construct GIPS-compliance composites for firms.
Correct Answer: III

I. Although the effective date of the revised standards is December 31, 2005, early adoption is encouraged by CFA Institute.
Firms can use such composites in a GIPS-compliant presentation only if the composites meet the requirements of the GIPS standards.

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AUAU Why "II" not correct
adamzell The third-party cannot be GIPS-compliant if it doesn't manage assets, by definition.
williamko For the explanation of the answer I, the revised GIPS standards were adopted in 2010 and effective on 1 Jan 2011 which I found in the study notes.
UcheSam Third-party firm might be GIPS compliant but design composites that is not GIPS compliant. So, investment firm getting composite should focus on the composite being compliant not the third-party firm.
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