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Three months ago a dealer sold EUR 1 million forward against USD for a 180-day term at an all-in rate of 1.2765 (USD/EUR). The following is the current spot rate and forward points being quoted for the USD/EUR pair:

Spot rate (USD/EUR): 1.2770/1.2780
Three month: 12/15
Six month: 16/20
The annualized three-month LIBOR is 4%.

What is the mark-to-market value of the deal now?
A. 3,000 EUR.
B. 2,970 USD.
C. 1,485 USD.
Explanation: The dealer would need to buy 3-month forward EUR 1 million at 1.2780 + 0.0015 = 1.2795. The difference of 3,000USD [(1.2795 - 1.2765) x 1 million] should be discounted using 1% (4% / 4): 3000/1.01 = 2,970USD.

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leftcoast He must be losing money because the Euro has gone up in value against the USD and he sold it forward at a lower exchange rate.
NeilRP123 I don't understand how the forward points are calculated @ 0.0015? I understand the rest of the problem, can someone help out?
NeilRP123 ooo it's 12 points for bid, 15 ask (divided by 10,000)
AlbertVall If you buy a forward, you must take the ask price. In this case, the term dealer no matters, so you have to take the ask spot price plus the pips: 1,2780 + 0,0015 = 1,2795.
olympria It is a 'Dealer' and he is BUYING the EUR right? So, wouldn't you take the 'bid price'? Why do they take 'ask price'?
myron @olympria: it does not matter it's called a dealer or not. A party needs to buy 3-month forward EUR 1 million and the party has to pay the ask price, no matter the party is a dealer or not.
daverco I think it does matter. The dealer commits to selling EUR 1M (= "sell forward"), which he'll sell for the highest price in USD, the ask rate.
dimitris13 The euro appreciates so he loses 2970
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