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Which system categorizes companies on the basis of the source from which they derive the majority of their revenue?

Correct Answer: C

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dipu617 p.214, Ex.3.1 says its GICS. So, the answer should be A. I might be wrong. Anybody with an explanation?!
michlam14 in the notes here it says ICB categorizes companies into subsectors based primarily on a company's source of revenue. I looked around on this one, I think for A, the classification is on the basis of a company's primary activity, whereas ICB's basis is where they derive their revenue. There's a slight difference here but i am not sure if I fully understand either. Can someone else explain?
endurance The GICS classification system classifies companies on the basis of a company's primary business activity, measured primarily by revenue. So basically A and C is correct
2014 Both GICS and ICB are similar in methods by which constituents are selected and number of tiers. In EOC question in institute books, GICS is answer for a similar question i hope it helps
jonan203 wow, looks like i need to defer to the books for this section.
To-be-CFA - Global Industry Classification Systems (GICS) - Industry taxonomy for the global community, used by S&P and MSCI. Categorizes on the basis of products/services.
- Russell Global Sector - Three-tier structure to classify companies on products/services offered.
- Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB) - Categorizes on the basis of sources of revenue.
- International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC) - Used by UN. Categorizes on basis of economic activity of entity.
- Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in European Community - Similar to ISIC, but for Europe.
- North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) - Jointly developed by the US, Canada and Mexico.
- Peer Group Analysis - Takes into account demand environment, cost structure, access to financial capital and primary source of revenue.
Bududeen nice but GIC is based on business activity
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