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A population is known to have a left skewed distribution with a mean of 400 and a standard deviation of 25. If a sample size of 50 is drawn at random from the population, the sampling distribution of the mean x-bar will be ______.
A. left skewed with a mean of 400
B. normally distributed with a mean of 400
C. left-skewed with a standard deviation of 25

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danlan It's because of the central limit theorem
samerthehammer Becauase the sample size is more than 30.
zzhumanov All, sample with size 50 is drawn from population. it's means population more that 50, but it's left skewed.

my question, can we assume if sample size >30 it's normal distribution?
sh21 @ zzhmanov's question: yea, i would want to know that too
ColonelCFA Yes anything greater than 30 can be assumed to approach a normal distribution.
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