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The Code of Ethics encompasses the concept(s) of ______.

I. integrity and respect
II. independent judgment
III. competence
IV. contractual provisions
A. I and II only
B. I, II, and III
C. I, II, III, and IV

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matzaala this answer is incorrect. Competence IS NOT one of the standards of professional conduct
jmcarr02 Yeah.. you're right, matzaala, it is part of the Code of Ethics, as asked in the question!
RNAN Nice, jmcarr02! sly wit.
sheenalim competence IS under the code of ethics
jpducros What do they mean with contractual provisions ?
arendb Matz, surely knowledge of law is an indication of competence?
becinator Agree with arendb. The question says "encompasses" which doesn't mean the Code actually states it
ascruggs92 ^precisely. It may not be a standard but language relating to competence is encompassed in the Code.
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