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The random variable, x, is uniformly distributed over the range of 0 to +10. The probability of observing a value of x=4 is closest to ______.

A. 0%
B. 10%
C. 40%
Correct Answer: A

The probability of observing a specific value for a continuous random variable is zero.

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katybo tricky question.
danlan Uniformly distributed means continuously
surob Yeah, tricky one.
gaur good way I will get this if this shows up in the exam
MattyBo Really tricky. Bonus if I get it right on exam.
Shammel Thanks for clearing this up Danlan. Uniformly distributed = continuous.
JakeZ If I guessed I might have got it...
Sometimes its better to just guess if you dont have time to think carefuly lol
azramirza No Danlan...Uniformly distributed can also be discreet..the fact that a range is given makes it continous.
endurance because a continuous uniform distribution takes an infinite numbers of outcomes (i.e under each interval) the probability is zero.
johntan1979 Range = infinity outcomes

Any one value, x has 0% probability because x/all outcomes.
Akiva azamirza, +1
So, answer A is correct only for continuous distribution, while answer B - for discrete.
Proofs see on wiki Uniform distrbution (discrete and continuous)
MathLoser I blame myself for not reading the study notes carefully.
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