Basic Question
Regarding competence, investment professionals are expected to ______.

A. maintain and improve competence
B. maintain minimum standards
C. exercise independent judgment

Correct Answer: A

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Haiqing: easy question. don't loose
Yuliya: it's so easy that you start to look for something beyond obvious
biya: its an easy question but good for practice
mpoki: It is very good question and the professional one.It build up the professionals
allaouddinali: its quite easy; even u can judge its answer by ur common sence.
thobong: Nothing is easy if you haven't learnt of it in some way. Study hard!
challenger24: nice and easy that one
TUFF: easy but tricky.
urbanangle: remember: maintain and improve C
viannie: I got tricked .... competence has nothing to do with independent judgement!
razintaz: easy!!
Jurrens: kind of an ironic question for those that guessed wrong...
ankurwa10: I think it is by and large intuitive. Ofcourse, for specific COE and SPC, specific conducts may relate to them. But most of the COE and SPC are intuitive, as they describe 'normative' behaviour and therefore, should be what can be considered reasonable. There are exceptions though.
japheth: straight forward question.