Basic Question
Investment professionals are expected to act with integrity when dealing with ______.

I. clients
II. the public
III. fellow members

Correct Answer: I, II, and III

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kalps: Act with integirty at all times
Shevchenko: Thricky one.
rozack: we are always expected to act with integrity
Yuliya: agree, it's tricky
biya: its rather tricky i got it I but v have to be integral all when dealing with any one
maverickcfa: everything
redders: Honesty is the best policy with everyone.
donica: very tricky tricky tricky
SamehHassan: I got the correct answer but , Should not they add "All the above" :)
sanyukta: be nice to everyone

thats what is this chapter abt.. ;-)
hannovanwyk: It is only tricky if you are too focused in on the question. otherwise its quite easy. obviously no matter with who you deal, you must deal with integrity!
Dudum: straight forward question!
AUAU: "integrity" to all parties
JakeZ: be nice to EVERYONE and you wont be making that big money you want.
the world of Finance is filled with corruptions :(
japheth: tricky one indeed. I got it at first but was contemplating changing my option to only I.
Stacerz02: There should be an option D all the above b/c on the exam we can only pick one answer.
joeclark: The manner of selection of answer is based on the roman numeral so dont expect to have a selection of all the above but rather enumerated