Basic Question
The Code encourages professionals to act in a "manner that will reflect credit on members and their profession." This refers to ______.

A. Integrity
B. Professionalism
C. Reasonable Care

Correct Answer: B

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kalps: Manner that will reflect credit on members and their preofession is covered under the code of 'Professionalism'
vt96: this question requires reading the ethics book.
rozack: the key word in question is PROFESSION
kit8: a lot of reading is necessary.
yinyin: think it shall be of professionalism
shawnryu: good~ I got it
SamehHassan: Professional + ethical Manner = Professionalism
mundia: Am still very green in this topic but reading is a must
Omonena: it's all about comprehending what you have read.
kforcfa: so if you are professional, then you reflect credit on others in CFA, makes sense
AUAU: Easy if u got the stuff.
apiccion: The best way to learn this is by getting a lot of questions wrong. Reading is easy, retention is not.
linhtran32: it's the forth component of the Code of Ethics: "Practice and encourage other to practice in a PROFESSIONAL and ethical manner that will reflect credit on members and their profession." (nothing to do with integrity and reasonable care)
tiri: got the answer right. It seemed pretty obvious this had everything to do with proffessionalism
bantoo: I got correct but only God helped me. There is no substitute to memorizing code and ethics.
japheth: Yeeeeah, Thank God I got it. I almost chose A. Professionalism is the key
eosinmen50: interesting review program
dshr1980: I got one wrong