Take a Review Exam for Study Session 8

Exam Tips

Only 45% of candidates passed the CFA Dec 2018 Level I exam.

High scores on review exams do not directly correlate to success on the real CFA exam. Percentages are meaningless without the ability to compare them to those of other candidates.

AnalystNotes uses a robust, industry-standard statistical package (SPSS) in the backend process to rank your exam data accurately and dynamically; check it to get your latest ranking.

If your ranking is 60%, your score was better than 60% of all CFA members who answered the SAME set of questions.

Almost every LOS has a group of basic questions to test for understanding. Note that these questions are not always of the same type as those on the exam.

Review questions are arranged by study sessions. When you start a review exam for any study session, AnalystNotes' backend exam engine will randomly select a specified number of questions to test your knowledge of that study session. At the end of the exam, the answers and detailed explanations will be provided with your test results.

Ten mock exams (Level I only) will be available approximately 30 days before each exam date. These will be time-limited and will accurately reflect the make-up of the final exam.

No question is suitable for all candidates. After you've done a review exam session, you may categorize each question as a favorite or recycle it. Before you start your next review exam, you can specify the type of questions you want included in the exam.

This unique feature enables you to spend more time studying areas that are challenging and eliminate questions of no further value to you.

"I scored 80% correctly in my last mock exam from one test prep provider, but I still failed the real test. Why?"

We've heard many stories like this. Does it matter how well you do on a mock exam? Not necessarily! A score of 80% is meaningless without the ability to compare it to the scores of other candidates.

Remember that you are competing against other candidates. If most people score higher than you, you will not pass. Only 45% of candidates passed the CFA Dec 2018 Level I exam. This means that you would have had to score higher than 55% of all candidates in order to pass.

We offer online, real-time ranking to all users. This means that you can compare your test results, by study session, with those of others around the globe.

Each review exam covers one study session. Specify how many questions you want to include for each review exam session.

Click "Start Exam" and the backend exam engine will randomly select all questions that match your criteria. The benefit of having so many questions on review exams is that you can practice with different questions every time for each study session. Randomized questions allow you to practice repeatedly without memorizing answers.