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When a researcher uses the classes 129-147, 147-165, and 165-183 to create a distribution, he is violating which of the following suggested practices?

A. Avoid the use of open-ended classes
B. Avoid the use of uneven or non-standard classes
C. Avoid the use of overlapping classes
Correct Answer: C

The classes are overlapping (e.g., the classes "147-165" and "165-183" have the point "165" in common). There are no open-ended classes and the classes have the same class interval.

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Ktrain If you got this question wrong you are dumb
ColonelCFA I am dumb
dmfz So... all of the frequency distributions from the CFA book violate this suggested practice (see table 3, 4, etc)
abs013 I got letter E again.
zeanww DUMMMB
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