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For the probability distribution shown below ______.

A. P(x < 5) = 95%
B. The expected value of x is 2.2
C. P(x > 2) = 40%
Correct Answer: B

Reading the chart, we get: P(x < 5) = 1 - P(x > 5) = 1 - [p(5) + p(6)] = 1 - [0.05 + 0.05]= 90%.
P(x > 2) = 1 - P(x < 2) = 1 - [p(0)+p(1)+p(2)] = 1 - [0.1 + 0.3 + 0.25] = 0.35 = 35%
Expected value = summation of x times p(x). Using the calculator, we get 2.2.

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Janey Its easier if you find this answer using the weighted mean formula on your calculator
bahodir How to do it using BA II Plus pro?
StanleyMo hello Bahodir,

enter [2nd] then [data], then key in the value,
then enter [2nd] and [stat] , press up arrow key, done.
SuperM Please go into more detail with the using your calculator?
ravdo Please explain on HP12C as well.
JKiro using HP12c:
[f][REG][f][REG] <---- to clear the register
0.1[ENTER]0[*][+] <--- just showing the mechanics
0.3[ENTER]1[*][+] <--- begin here to save time
0.05[ENTER]6[*][+] ---> 2.2
note that the register remain UNCLEARED after each step
kmmcclanahan Or you can simply add up the probability that x>2 to be 35% and add up the probability that x<5 is 90% and just pick the only possible answer left. No need for a calculator on this.
cfaeater Does anyone know the detail on how to enter into the BAII?
Jurrens Using a HP12c is much easier, just use the sigma+ feature (pg 99 in the hp12c manual)
rsanfo For this question, calculator is not needed since A and C are false, but ...

BA II Plus
2ND, DATA (enter the data worksheet)
2ND, CLR WORK (clear the data worksheet)
Enter the values:
X01 = 1
Y01 = 0.3
2ND, SET (until LIN appears)
arrow up until <sum of x times y> appears
Answer is 2.2
birdperson good answer @rsanfo
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