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Consider the following time plot of the price of a commodity (in dollars) for each month of a 60-month period.

Which of the following is (are) true about the time plot?

I. The increase in the price of the commodity from month 1 to month 60 is $7.
II. The time plot displays a trend.
Correct Answer: II only

The price of the commodity in month 1 is approximately $1 and the price of the commodity at month 60 is approximately $7. This corresponds to an increase of $6. If you thought statement I was correct, you were only looking at the price at month 60, not at the change in price.

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DonAnd Got that one correct!
sogah Good job DonAnd!!!!
enetis if only all CFA questions were like this....
Olesya_CFA Then everyone would pass those tests and CFA value would fall.
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